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Happy Birthday, Barack

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Obamaniacs celebrate his big 4-7.

By Meg

I couldn’t possibly fashion an Internet round-up as comprehensive as our own Kim’s, but the coverage of Barack Obama’s 47th birthday yesterday made me wonder: How did Obama’s supporters choose to mark the anniversary of their savior’s birth? My need for instant gratification led me to do a quick and completely unscientific search on The Google:

A community blog in Iowa has identified thirty-two groups of excessively cheerful Democrats who each plan to celebrate Obama’s 47th by making 47 phone calls to encourage Iowans to Get Out and Vote. Cake and ice cream to follow!!!

A blogger featured on WordPress speculated that the presumptive Democratic nominee would be wishing for a new grill for his backyard. (Check out the picture. Not Barry’s most flattering angle.)

(continued) Our own Mayor Bloomberg decided to mark the day by throwing a huge party ... for Hillary Clinton (remember her?).

But how did the candidate himself celebrate his day? Nothing exciting, really, just a morning speech in Michigan on energy and the economy followed by fancy fundraiser for 850 guests in Boston starring Harry Connick, Jr. You know, just your typical laid-back, relaxing birthday stuff. Don’t worry, Barack. If you feel like you didn’t get to take a deep breath and enjoy your day, fight those negative thoughts by reminding yourself of how incredibly, freakishly younger you are than McCain.

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