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Higher Education Tuition Relief in America

By Kimberly

I have recently been accepted into the MIT Sloan School of Management and with a yearly tuition of nearly $50K a year for a two-year program (not including living expenses, rent and supplies), college tuition relief has my No. 1 concern going into this election!

The candidates’ stances on higher education relief are quite similar. Hillary’s is probably the most fleshed out calling for a $3.5K tax credit, increasing Pell grant limits and AmeriCorps scholarships, and private collage tuition transparency measures. Obama’s plan consists simply of a $4K tax credit and turning the FAFSA form into a check box on income tax returns.

McCain’s Web site doesn’t even deal with higher education issues and, instead, focuses on pitting K-12 public schools against each other to attract their clientele (the kids) in hopes that standards will be raised through competition. This lack of platform for college is astounding considering his strong words last week when refusing to vote for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which tries to fill the gap between the 77 cents a woman makes to every man’s dollar. “They need the education and training,” says McCain of the disparity. Way to not have a plan to help both men and women afford it!

In short, I think Hillary’s proposals are actually the best, though they really deal with undergraduate issues. In the meantime, I’ll be socking that stimulus check away in a high-yield online savings account.

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