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Hillary, McCain race will be hard choice

By Meg

I’ve been arguing with myself for some time now about whether McCain or Clinton is the lesser of two evils (or the evil of two lessers). If La Clinton wins the Democratic nomination — which I still think is a possibility — I’ll have a hard time deciding whether to vote for her or Senator McCain. Let’s take a look at where the debate (the one in my own head) stands as of today.

An argument for McCain as the lesser: Man, does he love this war. Supportive though he was of the invasion, McCain scored big points with me at the beginning of the occupation by arguing that if Bush continued to mishandle the war so egregiously, we had a snowball’s chance in, well, Iraq of achieving the “victory” we sought. So you can imagine my disappointment when I flipped on CNN a few months ago and saw McCain at an Iraqi open-air market doing his best impression of Sally Field in that Boniva commercial (“The surge is working! This tomato is SO RED!”). Now he stands hand-in-hand with Bush in the Rose Garden and talks of staying in Iraq for a hundred years. As childishly simplistic as this next statement is, I don’t think I can vote for someone who is not committed to ending this war.

(continued) An argument for Clinton as the lesser: She’s a swamp witch.

On the serious, though, while I may disagree with McCain — and, believe me, his hawkishness is not the only issue I have with him — he has proven himself to be a patriot who wants to serve and better his country. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is out for no one but herself. We’ve had to suffer through eight years of the Bush administration’s “I'm the President and you’ll do it my way” attitude; I don’t think anyone is interested in another four years of the same. And let’s face it: The only person more arrogant than a Bush is a Clinton.

But what if Clinton chose Obama as her running mate? What if McCain chose, say, Colin Powell as his running mate? What if I decided to gamble on McCain because I don’t believe he could, at his age, be elected to a second term? Could I over-think this any more?

I could, but this would get real tangential real fast, so I’ll wrap it up and declare a winner: I don’t trust her to deliver on them, but Senator Clinton’s views on the war, health care and the economy resonate with me more than McCain’s do. For now, at least, the winner is Clinton, by a hair.

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