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Hillary's too selfish, arrogant

By Jeff

Like much of the rest of America, out of the three remaining candidates, Hillary Clinton is the person I'd least want to be president. Her campaign comprises nearly 100 percent of the people in the country who don't realize this fact.

First, and most broadly — I just loathe her personally. She's just immensely selfish and arrogant; she knows what's best for everyone and will not relent until everyone caves in. Every day she stays in this unwinnable race only makes her look worse in my eyes. When Mitt Romney was in her position, he dropped out and threw all his support behind McCain; taking a back seat in order to help his party. Hillary refuses to do this. She is in full-on attack dog mode, running out Rove-ian tactics like the desperate 3 a.m. ad and the saying that she'd take Obama "at his word" that he's not a Muslim. She is doing everything in her power to make Obama look bad, while letting McCain take a two month nap in advance of the real campaign.

(continued) Second, I find it laughable that her big supposed selling point is her "experience". She's clearly a smart, driven person, but until she was elected to the Senate, she hadn't held an actual job (you know — one where she would be accountable to someone or carry a budget) since the 80s. She's this beacon for the feminist movement, but isn't she the antithesis the type of strong, independent woman that should truly be inspiration to women? She sacrificed her career to take a backseat to her husband's aspirations, and while her husband was incessantly cheating on her, she channeled Tammy Wynette instead of kicking him to the curb.

Finally, Hillary has proven herself to be definitively authoritarian. People are apparently just too stupid or greedy to make their own decisions. Thankfully, her healthcare boondoggle was laughed down in the 90s (though is rearing its head again — but that's a post for another time). Patriot Act, Medicare Drug Bill, you name an intrusive federal program, and she champions it. Her newest frightening plan is a $30 billion flush of the toilet. Freezing rates may stave of foreclosures, but it the benefit to the people who got mortgages they couldn't afford will merely be at the cost of those people who will have inflated rates for new mortgages. Additionally, the implication for the banks and individuals bailed out is that they will learn the exact opposite lesson that they should learn if the market were to just work itself out naturally. There would be no downside of making irresponsible decisions because the government is going to bail them out; there would be no reason not to do so again.

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