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Hillary shouldn't win, a poem

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Clinton family friend and political pundit James Carville

She advocates for pantsuits, but not for homemade cookies,

Trusts Maggie Williams and her predatory sub-prime bookies,

“Every state matters”, but only when she wins it,

Which is why Michigan and Florida just must be made legit.

If Florida matters so much to her, she can eventually retire like a real New Yorker to Boca,

Run for President of a condo board and review the 9Cs of Lee Iacocca

She confused a vote for war with a vote for inspections,

But “Day 1” of the presidency doesn’t allow for such hindsight reflections.

And hey, Carville, Governor Richardson isn’t Judas, he’s the Apostle Paul,

Having been blinded by the truth, he now sees it all,

Grassroots, hard work, judgment, hope and renewal,

Over campaign debt, Mark Penn and money from lobbyists of fossil fuel.

In our Democracy, we do not have to vote consistent with our sex,

Nor should votes and the Presidency be quid pro quo,

But we should elect a leader of transparency, honesty and who reflects,

And Senator Clinton, that’s not you, “As far as I know…”


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