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Hillary the loser, but not the "loser"

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Emily

It’s so over.

Sen. Barack Obama is striding to the Democratic nomination while Sen. Hillary Clinton’s only legitimate reason to keep playing is how well she sings the blue-collar blues.

She could woe the remaining superdelegates to decide contrary to the popular vote, and she could woe the Democratic National Committee into giving Florida and Michigan a say. But what kind of Democrat would she be, defying what the people want and rewriting the rules so they suit her?

She's put up a good fight.

Amid calls for Clinton to drop her bid and quit lending her campaign cash, though, Hil is nowhere close to a loser.

Clinton’s greatest victory in this epic-length primary is her solidified image as a politician. Not a former first lady or Bill’s wife. Not a woman.

Just as a valiant fighting politician.

(continued) I truly believe voters cast their ballots more for Hillary and Barack than for the white candidate and the black candidate or the female candidate than the black candidate.

These identifying factors must be mentioned for the sake of stating the obvious, but seeing our Democratic candidates for who they are has been worth traveling the extending primary road.

And thank God we’ve reached the end.

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