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Hillary trumps Mac for last

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By LaShawnda

It pains me to say this — as my answer, six months ago, would have been an absolute: McCain trails a distant third. But now, I would least like to see Hillary Clinton run the country.

McCain for all his wrong-thinking, in regards to our invasion of Iraq and continued occupation has at least remained consistent in his viewpoints and allowed us to follow his thought process. He has remained stately in presentation and resilient throughout the primary season. We know what McCain is thinking and in many respects we know how he came about those thoughts. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is proving herself unworthy of the public trust.

(continued) How do I come to that conclusion? We've spent the past eight years captive to an administration that not only lies to us continuously, but misrepresents international situations, misconstrues truth, and misleads us with false assurances. How do we know this to be fact rather than supposition? Because everything Bush has said has been proven false. Hillary has run her campaign with half-truths, outright lies, and coy implications. In Hillary's case, her words and position shift with the wind. She thought one thing as First Lady; went to the highest bidder as Senator and; she's switching up yet again for her presidential bid. The only consistency with Hillary is her own record will show and prove the multiple occasions she “misspoke”. For what she says today to pander to the media and play on public sympathies is proving to be completely different from what we can look at on video from her past, or read about in a write-up when the event took place or hear about from first-hand accounts of people present at the time.

So, if she has already proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that she is untrustworthy, wouldn't we be foolish to trust her with our future? I understand people enjoy dirty politics, in Hillary and Bill’s case, it’s a contact sport. But guess what I enjoy more? People who are at ease in their skin, in their homes, neighborhoods, economy and the global community. If I can’t trust the words from Hillary Clinton’s mouth, why would I put my life in her hands?

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