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Industrial Steel Remembrance Day?

By Dan

Yesterday was Yom Ha'Shoha, Holocaust Remembrance Day, but rather than commemorate the loss of millions of European lives at the hands of Hitler and his allies, this week, Sen. Clinton decided to riff off the famous poem by the German pastor Martin Niemöller, which is inscribed on the wall of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial in DC.

Only in this instance, it isn't the Jews who were wiped off the face of the earth, it's the jobs that once made middle America prosper:

"They came for the steel companies and nobody said anything. They came for the auto companies and nobody said anything. They came for the office companies, people who did white-collar service jobs, and no one said anything. And they came for the professional jobs that could be outsourced, and nobody said anything."

"So this is not just about steel," she finished.

I realize this woman will say anything to any group she can "micro-target" to get elected. After all, she knows what's best for the rest of us. But if Godwin's Law has any application at all to the political process, let's use it now, lest we cheapen the memories of those who lost their lives, not just their jobs.

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