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Introducing: The Nerdy-Super Delegate Freakshow!

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Kimberly

By far, the biggest side show of them all has been all the hullabaloo about the superdelegates: Who they are, where they live and who they’ll vote for. This is the sideshow that spawned the pimping out of Chelsea Clinton and the idea that again the decision of president would be taken out of the “peoples’ ” hands and decided by a select elite (?) few. Enter the embarrassing Facebook picture below of 21-year-old superdelegate Jason Rae who was wined and dined by the Clintons, makes one mean chocolate chip cookie (literally!), and who accidentally outed himself during an interview with The Advocate. Aren’t you comforted by those whose hands hold the fate of the free world?


(continued) But let’s not forget the shear hilarity of the attention given to most places we didn’t even realize were U.S. territories, such as Guam. I rolled my eyes when I heard Wolf Blizter talking about Clinton’s defeat in Guam by seven votes and how the country has five super delegates up for grab.

At least now with the last round of primaries it looks like we can put this superdelegate dash to bed, and the Clintons can save a bundle on the free wii’s they planned to unleash to the other nerdy superdelegates in late July …

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