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Jabs that hurt

Lynne: Uh-oh, Biden is getting too wonky, he just lost me.

Adrian: On a serious note, just as was predicted, Palin speaks to overarching general archetypes (tax cuts, good; America, good; families, good) and Biden is speaking as if he’s on the Senate floor… “Number 1…Number 2….” But, he is making great rebuttal points.

Dontre: GREAT!!!!

Bridge to Nowhere!

Kimberly: here comes a classic biden moment.... (cringes)


Bragg: If you're referencing the Gibson interview (and the other one that shall remain unmentioned) -- if one was making their judgment solely on those two interviews alone, then I agree, she has not come across as intelligent as I believe she is. But there is a greater body of work that shows her to be very capable.

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