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Joe Biden: I'm horrible with money! But elect me to save the economy!

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Joe Biden implores, "Put me in charge, and I'll burn through your money like I have mine!" Jeff muses. (AP)

By Jeff

Barack Obama went with the “safe” VP choice in Joe Biden, but I don’t think it will really impact John McCain’s choice for VP. Biden isn’t going to really help in any specific states which will change the Republican’s electoral planning, and all he does is mitigate the charges that Obama doesn’t have the experience to be president. Who McCain picks for VP is going to be decided by how confident he is in his base. If his camp really needs to pick someone like Romney or Huckabee just to secure his base, then it’s a really bad sign for McCain.

I know I initially predicted Romney was going to be the nominee, but the “7 houses” mess probably removed him from contention. This likelihood was compounded with Joe “99th richest out of 100 senators” Biden being slotted as the Democratic VP nominee.

It’s now highly unlikely that McCain will pick Romney and his $200 million fortune as VP nominee. It will make it a very clear “middle class” vs. “out-of-touch rich folk” campaign, and in this weakened economy, that’s a clear loser for the Republicans. Now yes, Obama is now rich, but that’s because he earned it very recently off two best-selling books — that’s the American Dream, first-generation wealth.

I want to focus on how the Democrats keep pointing to Biden’s ranking as the 99th richest senator like it’s a good thing because it shows he’s a “regular guy” with whom we can relate. In a debate this year, Biden set his net worth at between $70,000 and $150,000.

So, if I may ask, how the hell does someone work in the Senate for 35 years, and only amass less than one year’s worth of savings?

(continued) Senators make more than $169,000 now. Biden has made more than $125,000 every year since 1992. Just his Senate salary since he joined in ’73 is more than $3.75 million. He also wrote a book (though, it had only sold 15,000 copies before he was tapped as a vice presidential candidate last weekend), and has a $20,000-a-year teaching job.

Joe Biden has made well over $4 million in his life, but has only been able to save a meager 2.5 percent of it? That’s something he’s proud of? That’s something the Democrats want to promote?

“Put me in charge, and I’ll burn through all your money like I have mine!”

No. I am quite fearful of putting someone who has shown such striking incompetence with his own finances in a position of economic power.

Now that I think Romney is out, I’ll agree with Bragg that Pawlenty is the likely pick. But I have a hunch that Lieberman may get it now. That would completely change the face of the election and position McCain back as the maverick uniter.

Moving across party lines, aligning himself with who ran against G.W. Bush, etc., etc., etc.

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