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Joe skilled at repetition tactic

Dontre: I like Joe!!

He tells it like it is and debunks on the spot!

Bragg: (sometimes he tells it like it was)! :)

Kimberly: i like how he uses repetition effectively

he knows we space out at times

Dontre: this is true, Kimberly

Bragg: agreed. effective repetition.

Lynne: One of the things Obama is so good at is his sense of rhythm when he talks -- part of that is repetition -- clearly Biden has been paying attention!

Bragg: he has derailed a bit

Dontre: Then what did he say? Tell us.

Bragg: she sounds very knowledgeable on afghanistan

Dontre: not to me.

Lynne: Well, um...not good.

Dontre: she tried to refute and she didn't give any specificity

Bragg: true

Meg: Oh, God. She's getting adorable again. That means she's uncomfortable.

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