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Lapel pin response and "bitter" comments hurt Obama

By Dontre

I was not only appalled at Barack's "bitter" comment, I was even more aghast at the incredulity of his arrogance, declaring that questions of his patriotism were not substantive, merely because they rested with his refusal to wear a flag pin. Whether Sen. Obama deems it consequential or not, there are some voters for whom the signifier of the the American flag means a lot.

This is a national symbol that we hoist at our most important functions and events, that defines our countries, and unifies us all; and for many voters, it means a lot. His supercilious remarks, belittling those who merely inquired, not only show that he's out of touch, but in conjunction with his "bitter" comments, shows that he's not the candidate to represent ALL Democrats, or even all Americans. Outside of his base of the affluent, the African-American populace, and youth voters, there's a whole populace that needs to be considered.

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