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Late, but neccessary: Grading the final presidential debate

By Meg Boyle

(Better late than never, right? Right???)

Demerit: Joe the Plumber

STOP calling him Joe the Plumber! He’s a real person, not a character on Bob

the Builder.

Gold Star: Breaking News: Joe the Plumber in Bed

OK, that was kind of funny. You win this round, Keith Olbermann. But I’ll win the war.

Demerit (or Gold Star?): The CNN Uncommitted Voters Reaction Ticker

It says absolutely nothing of merit, yet I can’t … stop …watching …Demerit: Nattering Nabobs of … Well, You Get It

Honey, come here. It’s the strangest thing: McCain’s doing really well. Look, he’s putting Obama on the defensive, he’s reaching out, he’s (almost) avoiding all “senior” moments … he may actually win this one! Wait, what was that Bob just asked? He wants them to get negative on each other? Oh, well.

Demerit: Ayers and ACORN

Zzzzzzz ........

Demerit: Um …

“I’ll ask you to answer first, Sen. Obama. Why would the country be better off if your running mate became president rather than his running mate?” You’re kidding me, right?

Demerit: The Supreme Court Question Litmus Test Question

No presidential candidate would ever say that he would not appoint a Supreme Court justice who differed with him on abortion. Come on, Bob. You can do better than that.

Gold Star within a Demerit: “Nobody’s pro-abortion.”

Finally. My skin crawls every time McCain uses that word.

Demerit within a Demerit: “You know, that’s been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything. That’s the extreme pro-abortion position, quote, ‘health.’ ”

Lovely, John. There’s nothing extreme about protecting the life and health of the women who bare America’s children. “Pro-Life” my eye.

Demerit: Cheshire Cat Grins and Eye Rolls

At least try to act like you don’t despise each other.

Gold Star: Huh???

The MSNBC focus group thought McCain won. Fox’s focus group thought Obama won. When did we hit Wonderland?

Demerit: Tom Daschle Skeeves Me Out

Hey, Tom: Harry Potter called. He wants his glasses back.

And now, the Gold Star of all Gold Stars: “I want to get in a question on education.”

YES! Finally!! Thank you, Bob!

Demerit within a Gold Star: My brother sent me an email the next day asking the difference between charter schools and school vouchers.

A simple, three-line answer would have sufficed. I think I went on for about three pages. Nerd. Alert.

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