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Let's get real: McCain's 'suspension' of his campaign is just transparent political posturing

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Debate-dodging is political ploy on the part of McCain, Dontre writes. More voters say Obama can better handle the economy, according to one poll. (AP)

By Dontre

If there is nothing that SCREAMS political maneuvering, it is this ridiculous ploy by McCain's camp. In a week where his poll numbers fell, and many Americans saw the real McCain — someone who was largely out of touch with the financial woes of everyday Americans — this political posturing is hardly surprising.

A poll conducted by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation found that 50 percent of registered voters believe Obama, the Illinois senator, would better handle the economy, while 44 percent prefer McCain. I'm pretty sure that facing those numbers is what led the Arizona senator to suspend his campaign, attempting to give the idea that he is truly concerned about our bottom line.

However, I don't buy it. I don't need McCain to inject gravitas into the current financial situation of this country, as if we've all been asleep this week. What he should do is focus on a more sound plan for the economy and abandon the one he currently espouses, which has led to several economists to say is bad for the economy.

(continued) Perhaps Sen. Obama doesn't need to suspend his campaign because he actually has a solid plan for the economy. I believe the senator should resist McCain's call to suspend his campaign, instead take this opportunity to show just how much the Bush policies has crippled this nation! McCain may need to take some time off and get a refresher course in the economy, but I am not duped by his sudden flight to Washington under the guise of urgency. Lest McCain forgets, he is still a senator, and in much the same way that Sens. Clinton and Obama returned to the floor during the primary race, in January, his returning to the floor is not extraordinary or 'historic,' it's his job.

I can't help but feel a well of anger at his call to postpone the debate, what with Sen. Obama's fortitude in this area, any time garnered in this postponement only serves to give McCain time to polish his skills. Considering that those on the Hill are urged to have this historic vote under wraps and to have reached a conclusion by Friday, I see no reason as to why Senator McCain can't do both, Mr. Obama certainly seemed poised to do so.

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