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Live from Denver: Text 62262 to DNC NOW! Your message might end up on the big Obamatron

Update @ 5:37 MDT

Colorado state chair Ray Rivera is instructing everyone to text DNC plus a message of support to 62262. Some of the messages will appear on the big screen.

John Legend and Will.i.am just led the stadium in an inspiring live version of his Internet sensation "Yes, we can". This followed on some amazing speeches by MLK's children Bernice and MLK III. They reminded us that Freedom Riders and their father would be proud of a party that nominated Barack Obama and proud of the nation that would elect him.

But they all paled in comparison to Rep. John Lewis, who reminded the crowd that he was there 45 years ago at the march on Washington. And that in order to elect Barack Obama the next president of the United States, "We're going to have to march like we've never marched before."

Sheryl Crowe is setting up to play now (change can do us good!). And we're expecting Stevie Wonder before Al Gore and tonight's other speakers get underway.

— Dan

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