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Mac wants ad dropped; Thursday's Trail Mix

JOHN pleads to GOP to drop N.C. ad

An ad slated to hit North Carolinian televisions is targeting Democratic candidates for the governor seat and evoking Sen. Barack Obama and the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Well, Sen. John McCain won’t have it. The Republican candidate wrote a letter to the state GOP, requesting that the ad be pulled. It “degrades our civics and distracts us from the very real differences we have with the Demo-crats,” he wrote.

Here's the ad:

HILLARY grabs a superdelegate vote

A Tennessee politician and superdelegate announced yesterday he supports Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, according to CNN. Rep. John Tanner — one of 700 superdelegates whose prized votes are likely to decide the Democratic contest — said, “Hillary is a smart, pragmatic leader who understands the grave situation our country faces with a $9 trillion debt, much of which is borrowed from foreign countries.”

Pa. students play hooky, meet BARACK

Two Scranton, Pa., students were suspended this week for skipping class and meeting Obama. Colin Saltry and Joey Daniel, both high school seniors, cut their gym class to catch Obama at a local diner. The Democratic hopeful even signed excuse slips for the boys’ teachers, according to The Hill.com, but to no avail. They received one-day suspensions.


BARACK, HILLARY mocked by Colbert

Comedian Stephen Colbert took an opportunity Tuesday to mock sniping between Obama and Clinton. “Obama had already declared, ‘I am rubber and you are glue,’ ” Colbert said. A Clinton aide had called Obama a “copycat” for his appearance on the show. Obama’s camp responded: “I’m not surprised the Clinton campaign is attacking us ... since their campaign is 100 percent negative.”

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