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McCain 'drops the C-bomb'

(Credit: Politirazzi)


By Kim

I don’t even know if I am allowed to report on this story that has buzzed around the blogosphere for a few months, but I figure this is the wild card that can at the very least sting McCain in the behind — that is, if little old ladies ever got wind of it.

The story goes that in 1992 while McCain was campaigning for his Senate seat, three anonymous reporters witnessed a testy exchange between Mac and his wife while she poked fun at his thinning hair. He responded, flustered, with:


The story of this exchange appeared in Cliff Schechter’s new book "The Real McCain" last month, which illustrates many other instances of McCain’s short fuse. Schecter reported that the story was buried simply because nobody knew how to report it in family news media (nothing a simple asterisk can’t fix!).

The resurfacing of this story also comes on the heels of a few YouTube videos amplifying this blunder as well as coverage on "The Daily Show."

This incident has event come up in some of his notorious town hall forums where the audience is aghast as the mere mention of the word.

But the most disturbing aspect, to me, is that McCain likened his wife to a “trollop!” Ummm, was this before or after they topped up the flivver at the petrol pump?

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