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McCain is doing the right thing (oh, and it's actually Obama who's afraid to debate)

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John McCain did the right thing in putting the economy and the country first, Bragg writes. (AP)

By Bragg

Today John McCain announced he was suspending his campaign in order to return to Washington to focus on the catastrophic issues facing our country's financial system. He also has called for a postponement of Friday's debate (a debate that, in exceptionally bad timing, was to focus on foreign policy).

For those knee-jerk Obama supporters out there who might be tempted to accuse McCain of being "scared to debate" or wanting to "avoid a debate" by his actions today, I would advise against it.

If any candidate in this general election has shown an aversion to debating, it's Barack Obama. Let's not forget that Obama is the one who, just last May, bragged that he would meet John McCain "anywhere, anytime to have a debate."

(continued) Not even a month later, the same candidate seemed to have changed his mind when he rejected McCain's offer of 10 joint town hall appearances — in addition to the three standard debates. Clearly, McCain is not one who shies away from a debate, and he is not doing so today.

Indeed, McCain is doing the responsible thing given the enormous gravity of the financial crisis we now face — and the absolutely vital necessity for some sort of congressional plan to be agreed upon and enacted sooner rather than later.

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