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McCain “panda-ing” to the left

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Kimberly

First the "American Idol" finale, and now Sen. John McCain “goes green” by rolling out his new line of eco-friendly campaign apparel mostly made of bamboo, a renewable resource, and cotton blends, as seen on Drudge. Many pundits rebuff this and other recent acts as a ploy to woo environmentalists from the left to reconsider McCain as their presidential candidate.

(continued) But to me, these actions are probably the ultimate demonstration of greenwashing I’ve ever seen, even more so than organic cigarettes and “natural” Clorox cleaners. McCain had no problem voting against American adoption of the Kyoto Treaty in 1997, yet on Monday set out to support a cap and trade carbon emissions system as seen in Europe.

Do I smell a post-consumer waste, compostable, 100 percent recyclable, fair-trade, biodegradable, organic, local, free-range, not-tested-on-small-animals flip flop?

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