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McCain's pressing too hard

By Dontre Conerly

Apoplectic and curmudgeonly, Senator McCain attempts to enforce his points by any means necessary.

Typically, this means that we hear his heavy sighs in the background (in an attempt to undermine Senator Obama's speaking points), he interrupts Senator Obama, and does a lot of squirming and bouncing around in his chair.

I am of the opinion that being loud doesn't make one right; it is quite possible to be loud and wrong! Through his erratic behaviour, not only do we see McCain's worry about Senator Obama's lead in the polls and his eloquence in debate (he referenced it on a few occasions), but we are meant to be distracted from the fine points that Senator Obama is explaining, but we are meant to ignore Senator McCain's general answers and lack of specificity.

Flail your arms as much as you like, and you can even bounce right out of that chair, but when the moderator has to continuously press you for an answer and even has to cut off your tirade, it shows that you are overcompensating.

I won't be fooled by the charade!

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