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Meg's Pa. predictions

And the winner will be: Hillary, by ten points. Yep, I’m predicting double digit margins, kids. I’m also predicting that the narrative to immediately come out of the Pennsylvania primary will be overwhelmingly of the “She’s Back!” … “It’s a Knockout!” variety. La Clinton’s campaign will be absolutely sure to revive that very unfortunate Rocky comparison during her celebratory speech, especially if she wins Philadelphia (though I think Philly will shower her brotherly love on Barack).

The narrative in the days to come will shift, however, as the media once again comes to its senses and realizes that Hillary’s win doesn’t actually net any further gains. Still behind in electoral votes. Still behind in the popular vote. Still less states won than Obama. When that reality sinks in, we’ll all be subjected to that ever-reliable “The Dems are destroying the party!”…“You’re killing your poor father!” narrative that we’ve all come to know and tune out.

And we’re on to the next one …


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