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Monday's Trail Mix

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HILLARY would loan more to campaign

Sen. Hillary Clinton is “willing” to lend her presidential campaign more money if necessary, her campaign chairman said yesterday on “Meet the Press.” When asked whether the Clinton camp would repay all the debts, Terry McAuliffe answered, “We plan on it.” To date, the former first lady has lent about $11 million to her cause, with the campaign $20 million in debt, according to CNN.

JENNA married by Obama supporter

President Bush’s daughter, Jenna, wed longtime boyfriend Henry Hager this past weekend with an endorser of Sen. Barack Obama officiating, the Huffington Post reports. The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, adviser to President Bush and pastor of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church, had endorsed Obama in January, saying the Illinois lawmaker “would do a wonderful job to bring people together,” according to the Associated Press.

(continued) JOHN to Clinton: Math is ‘very hard’

In an appearance yesterday on “Face the Nation,” Sen. John Edwards all but called Obama the presumptive nominee, saying the math for Clinton is “very, very hard.” Edwards, who left the presidential race in January, explained his decision to do so yesterday. He said he thought “if I got out of the race, it would accelerate the process of one person pulling away. Well, I was obviously dead wrong about that.”

HILLARY tours mom’s day birthplace

Clinton spent Mother’s Day visiting the birthplace of the holiday in Grafton, W. Va., according to the AP. She toured the home of Anna Jarvis, the woman credited with founding Mother’s Day 100 years ago, and reminded supporters there that her candidacy remains strong among women. West Virginia holds its Democratic primary contest tomorrow.

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