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Monday's Trail Mix

JOHN calls Obama insensitive to poor

GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain yesterday in Coral Gables, Fla., called Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama insensitive to poor people and out of touch on economic issues. The GOP nominee-in-waiting rapped his Democratic rival for opposing his idea to suspend the tax on fuel during the summer, a proposal that McCain believes will particularly help low-income people who usually have older cars that guzzle more gas. (AP)

ELIZABETH slams media’s ‘CliffsNotes’

Elizabeth Edwards, wife to former Democratic candidate John, spoke out against mainstream media yesterday in a New York Times op-ed, saying reporters’ coverage of the presidential race can be likened to CliffsNotes. “Well, the rancor of the campaign was covered. ... The information about the candidates’ priorities, policies and principles — information that voters will need to choose the next president — too often did not make the cut,” Edwards wrote.

KARL offers up advice to Obama

Karl Rove, former White House chief counsel to President Bush, offered up words of wisdom to Obama on the campaign trail in this week’s edition of Newsweek, saying the communities the Illinois senator lost in Pennsylvania could lead a Republican to be elected in the fall. Among Rove’s six suggestions are: Come up with a fresh speech topic and concentrate your Senate responsibilities to solidify your position on an issue.

(continued) BARACK requests reset of Fox ‘clock’

In an appearance yesterday on “Fox News Sunday,” Obama joked that host Chris Wallace’s “Obama Watch,” a countdown to when the candidate would appear on the show, should be adjusted to take the leap year into consideration. Wallace assured Obama that the 771 days was accurate. Later on the show, Obama declined Sen. Hillary Clinton’s invitation to hold another Democratic debate before the North Carolina and Indiana contests on May 6.

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