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Monday Trail Mix

Pa. judge: Sorry for BARACK, Holocaust jab

A former Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice apologized yesterday for signing an e-mail to Jewish voters that likened a vote for Barack Obama to ignoring warning signals that led to the Holocaust. Sandra Schultz Newman said she regrets that she did not review the final draft more carefully before it was released. “Some of the language was inappropriate and intemperate,” Newman said yesterday. (AP)

Lieberman: JOHN will live to at least 85

John McCain ally Joe Lieberman assured voters this past weekend that the Republican presidential candidate “will live to 85 at least,” according to the Huffington Post. The Connecticut senator, speaking in Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, said “doctors and insurance actuaries ... tell me based on McCain’s age [72], his health, including skin cancer, he’ll live till at least 85. And probably longer.” (AMNY)SARAH plans to work with Israel ambassador

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tried to burnish her foreign policy credentials by meeting yesterday in Leesburg, Va., with Israel’s ambassador to the United States. “I look forward to hearing about your work with the Jewish Agency and all the plans that we have,” Palin told Ambassador Sallai Meridor. “We’ll be working together.” (AP)

JOE compares Obama to past presidents

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden yesterday in Greenville, N.C., cast White House hopeful Barack Obama with presidential giants, likening attacks against his running mate to criticisms lobbed against Thomas Jefferson’s Christianity, Abraham Lincoln’s commitment to individual rights and John F. Kennedy, for being a “dangerous choice in difficult times.” (AP)

— Emily Ngo

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