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New McCain Spot: 'The One'

By Kim

I know I am sick of hearing about the McCain ad comparing Britney and Paris to Obama though I find it funny that Hollywood types are getting offended (re: “Obama is a rock star, not a celebrity, McCain, DUH!" )

But the latest ad from McCain to surface “The One” (seen below) now compares him to the second coming of Christ. I suppose the creative genius behind this one meant for the people who cling to “God and their Guns” to get all upset that Barack would compare himself to God or Jesus, and this ad just amplifies this comparison.

This new wave of highly produced subliminal ads from McCain strikes me as strange and not this man’s style — despite the fact he repeated stands by these spots. If anything, he must be paying up the wazoo for royalties and copyrighted material such as the clip of Charlton Heston as Moses from “The Ten Commandments.” But then the ad gets stranger when an Obama presidential seal mystically appears from between the parted seas and the voice over merely asks “is he ready to lead?” Does McCain’s creative director really mean for these ads to look like the youtube slapdash videos they come across as? Is the guy (or gal) in charge of millions of dollars worth of ad spend a 26 year old Mac geek? I really couldn’t tell you otherwise from the evidence.

I give this spot a D+. D because no facts are used to support the somewhat relevant message McCain is trying to get across, + for the bogus Obama symbol special effect. It’s almost as funny as watching people fall off of segways.

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