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No gaffes. A solid performance by Palin

Kimberly: hahaha. she hasn't found something to compromise on because they've always found a way to..... compromise?

Dontre: right!

I was JUST thinking that!

Kimberly: haha.. it was like when McCain last week was like "I don't want to disagree and.... debate?"

duh! you're in a debate!

Bragg: as this begins to wind down, i think this likely keeps the race as is. she held her own, made no major gaffe, but didn't excel to the point that she'll provide a real boost to the mccain-palin campaign. it remains obama's race to lose.

Kimberly: again with the diverse family!

come on, people!

Lynne: for me, since the expectations were so low for her (both democrats and republicans helped set that up), i think she probably helped swing a few voters their way, since she assuaged some concerns

Dontre: Her popularity is going to spike again. Just 'cause she showed us she's not the idiot we know her to be--she just trains well.

Bragg: she's no idiot.

Dontre: i disagree!

Bragg: she may be inexperienced, but she's no idiot.

Lynne: oh, oh oh - no, she didn't need to go after the media.

Dontre: the "media elite"

Bragg: why not? they went after her.

Dontre: she gave no interviews!

Lynne: puts her on the defensive

Dontre: they had to dig!

if she was forthcoming, they wouldn't have to go dig a pipeline into her backyard!

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