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No more "Hill" polling

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Kimberly

The writing is on the wall for Hillary, which I find a shame because, though I’ve been judgmental of her, I was actually leaning towards her proposed solutions. It’s not her major loss in North Carolina that sealed the deal, but the last nail in the coffin is the story that broke on Friday that Rasmussen Reports will stop polling people regarding Hillary’s campaign.

(continued) What’s more alarming to me in my prediction is that it’s possible that the veep of Rasmussen has single handedly decided the fate of the future general election. In a leaked e-mail, Boniello writes, “However, while Senator Clinton has remained close and competitive in every meaningful measure, she is a close second and the race is over. It has become clear that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee.”

Um … if I were Clinton I’d be pissed. Will other polling companies follow Rasmussen’s lead? Years of watching CNN, C-Span and the McLaughlin Group have taught me that without polling and data — you’re toast. Though she may voluntarily bow out in the next 2 months, this will hardly be voluntarily. She’s been cut off and left to wither on the vine.

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