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Obama, don't get excited about your GOP backers

By Amara

Three “Republicans” came out today in support of Barack Obama. Obama can choose to make a big show about these party-line-crossers, but he may want to have his vetting team take a look at them first. Or, even better, I’ll save them the work.

Today’s NY Sun editorial page carried descriptions of the GOPers for Obama:

Rita Hauser: A loyal friend to Western civilization’s enemies, including terrorist-extraordinaire, Yasser Arafat, and Rashid Khalidi, the Columbia University professor who professes not much more than hate for American policy — you know, the same America that gives crazies like him the right to speak freely.

Lincoln Chaffee: A RINO-turned-nothing (he “left” the party) who voted against Ambassador Bolton (huge mistake, huge!), against Justice Alito and against cutting taxes on capital gains. Some crossover he was ...

(continued) Last but not least, Jim Leach: An Iowa Congressman who opposes military action on Iran. That’s fair enough — many people do — but Rep. Leach also opposed toughening sanctions on Iran. Maybe we should just let Ahmadinejad be, cross our fingers, and hope for Western survival. Wait a second, now I totally understand why he is supportive of Obama.

Congratulations, Sen. Obama. Once again, you are proving to America the quality of company you keep. You can have your three “Republicans;” McCain likely doesn’t want them anywhere near his campaign.

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