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Obama giving speech on patriotism

By Meg

As I type, Obama is giving a speech on the meaning of patriotism. This coincides with an absolutely fascinating article in today’s Washington Post about one city in Ohio where the false rumors about Obama have reached a sort of critical mass (the rumor that Barry’s a homosexual is new to me but may serve to cement Dan’s fantastic assertion that Michelle is the new gay icon ).

The article focuses on one citizen who is having trouble reconciling the Barack Obama he reads about in the newspaper with the scary Muslim radical described on the Internet and through word of mouth. It’s a problem that I’m starting to see even in my own living room; my roommates were discussing Obama’s “strict Muslim faith” the other evening and both were amazed when I told them that he denies these rumors.

(continued) It’s one thing to not believe Obama’s denial of these rumors, it’s another thing to think that he’s actually confirmed them. So perhaps this speech is necessary. I’d like to think that we’re all smarter than this, but maybe we aren’t. Look what happened to John Kerry, and John McCain before him.

I would watch Obama’s speech but my boss just moved her office across from the TV, which I’m afraid may actually be a direct result of my having dropped everything — and encouraging others to do the same — to watch the coverage of Tim Russert’s memorial service. Meg Boyle: Employee of the Year.

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