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Obama's excellent adventure

By Lynne

In a rite of passage more typical of college students on summer break, presidential hopeful Barack Obama embarked on a multi-day, multi-country journey of Europe and the Middle East.

To what end?

He’s not setting policy, nor is he involved in any specific negotiations. Instead, he’s trying to boost his foreign policy credentials. And he has the audacity to claim he’s doing it as a Senator from Illinois, not as a presidential candidate.

According to CNN, “So far, his trip has produced several high-profile photo ops ...”

How nice. So rather than spending time in, say, Illinois, he’s burning up fossil fuels (at least an actual Eurail Pass would have relied on trains) to prove his pop-star popularity overseas.

Meanwhile, back in his home state, the Green Party chose former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as their presidential nominee last week. Unlike Obama’s tightly scripted overseas trip, the Green Party’s national convention in Chicago received minimal mainstream media coverage.

However, most people get their news online — 48 percent according to a Zogby poll in February 2008. And with hip-hop activist Rosa Clemente as McKinney’s running mate, the Web is beginning to buzz about the all-female ticket.

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