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Obama: Stand up to McCain

By Dontre Conerly

Frankly, I am not a fan of sitting down at the table and playing nice with my strongest opponent. I certainly am aware that one can be professional and civil to a dissenter, but I can't understand Obama's reluctance to play hard ball with his overbearing opponent.

Not only does McCain interrupt his sentences, attempt to speak over him, and speak in the background as Senator Obama makes a point (none of which Obama does to him), but he is overtly rude.

Now, from a man who just got his feelings hurt by Congressman Lewis and asked for Obama to act in a genteel way, he might start to take some of his own advice.

On the other hand, Senator Obama needs to step up and thwart McCain's aggressive momentum by sticking to his point and alerting Senator McCain to his rudeness! Make him aware that he, unlike the grumpy Senator, is trying to have a conversation, not a yelling match!

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