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Our last impressions

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Lynne: all in all, i think they both did well. i do wish to have heard a little more about each of them, and less about their respective presidential candidates

Dontre: Overall, I think Sarah stepped up to the bar and held her own. What's unfair is that she'll be judged favorably for being competent, when she should have done that from the outset. Biden is not only an experienced debater, he is a Senate speaker and that sometimes can be long-winded and circuitous. However, he made great points. They both were cheerleaders!

Bragg: final thoughts (somewhat reiterative): biden was good. made those who don't support obama (like me) feel reassured that he would be there with obama if they win. palin was good as well -- not as strong as biden, but she probably wasn't expected to be. she also made no major gaffes, and likely even one would have been the nail in the mccain campaign's coffin. BUT...i don't think she was good ENOUGH to resuscitate what is clearly a declining mccain campaign. i would expect no major shift in the polls -- no major news either. the focus will return to the two men at the top of the tickets and the final two debates. again, obama's election to lose.

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