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Over too soon for political junkies

How heartbreakingly soon this election has come to an end. Yes, yes, there are three weeks ahead of us -- and one final presidential debate, but what are political junkies to do without their up-to-the-minute political scoops? Come November, what are we going to sneakily read on our work computers?

It's been a two-year process. First came the speculation over who would make a presidential bid. Then came the primary that would never end (how oddly helpless we political junkies felt when it finally did). And now the neck-to-neck race, the rumor-mongering, the polling, the electoral maps, the winking, the economic plans, the revised economic plans -- all set to halt abruptly on Nov. 4.

We'll have the analyses of what happened this election cycle and who went wrong where, but well, we won't have the election itself.

-- Emily

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