Political chatter from DC and NYC, the amNewYork way

Palin leaving her interview days behind her

Bragg: She started down the Gibson/Other Interview road there for a minute...seems to have recovered...Phew! (For now)...

Kimberly: Thank you, John McCain...

Lynne: I pretty much disagree with most of the McCain-Palin policies, but she's not doing too bad for someone who just got tossed into it five weeks ago. Biden RAN for president - twice, right?

Dontre: why doesn't he mention that the suspension was a political ploy

God, you can't let her say stuff like that!!!

Kimberly: paraphrasing = danger

Adrian: I'm sorry, Sarah, the current economic condition is not about greed. It's fundamentally about bad policy. Sarah, do you know anything about the credit markets???

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