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Palin on target, so are Biden's teeth

Bragg: she's showing a confidence and a self-assurance that has been lacking in her interviews. it helps her immensely.

Dontre: She's trying to turn it around! Get her, Joe!

Adrian: Panlin still sounds like a Barbie doll who speaks when you pull her string....

Dontre: This part loses points with the country. 68% of them don't know where Iran and Iraq are.


Bragg: seriously. his teeth are really something!

Dontre: Did he just do a deep intake?

What blinders?

Bragg: he did

Kimberly: what a lame concession

yay Isreal!

Lynne: Reform, not change - learn from past mistakes. Sorry my Democratic friends, but she's doing a good job right now.

Bragg: "we'll learn from the past mistakes in this administration". that's good stuff for palin.

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