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Palin pulls one out of her pocket, does well

Meg: Wow, every time Obama or Biden speak, that surplus in Iraq grows like the Christmas tree in the Nutcracker.

Dontre: he's learning. look into the camera


Lynne: Obama-Biden will end the war in Iraq in 16 months...but will shift the troops to Afghanistan.

Bragg: that is a LIE. john mccain does want to end the war. that is a blatant mischaracterization of mccain's position.

Meg: Oh, no. First deer in headlights moment. Oh, no, make it stop.

Adrian: WOW, Palin, you pulled that one out of your back pocket. You have nothing original to say. That was a staged answer!

Dontre: It is not a lie. He says that if it takes 100 years, he would stay.

Emily: She can improvise!

Dontre: WOW. She is on it!

Adrian: she cannot complete a thought without going onto another subject....

Kimberly: she's stealing the thunder of future smear ads

Lynne: Whoa - making it personal. Bringing up his own words ...

Bragg: Biden's got some impressive teeth.

Dontre: Good!

Into the camera now.

Bragg: that was her strongest point yet

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