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Palin's own worst enemy

By LaShawnda Jones

What was Sarah Palin thinking when she agreed to go on Saturday Night Live with the skits they had prepared for her appearance? The skits were hilarious to me. Very representative of how Gov. Palin represents herself.

Then again, I am not a fan of Gov. Palin’s. I was one of the millions and millions of people watching in order to see Tina Fey use Sarah Palin’s words and mannerisms for an amazing comedic effect. Palin’s enthusiasm for being on the show gave the impression that she thinks SNL’s tremendous ratings are due to people actually being interested in seeing her become second in command of the United States of America.What was she thinking to agree to a script where Alec Baldwin ogles her and comment that “she’s way hotter in person”? Wasn’t the first month of her arrival on the national political scene spent by the McCain/Palin campaign criticizing the media and the public for being sexist towards her?

Yet she goes on SNL and accepts a comment about her hotness and makes reference to her nickname of "Caribou Barbie"! Is her brain even functioning beyond the glare of the spotlights?

What was on her mind when she said on camera, basically, I don’t think the skit they had in mind for me is good for my campaign, so would you all mind performing it while I watch and hype you up? She rocked from side to side, smiling, bopping her head and throwing her hands up in the air, as Amy Poehler rapped about Palin’s Troopergate issues, traveling on state funds to watch her husband snow mobile and as someone costumed in a moose suit got shot down in front of her!

It was great entertainment, but the most horrifying political move I’ve ever seen.

Palin may have a great future in Hollywood, but please, let’s not send her to Washington!

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