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Pick GOP today for a better tomorrow: The case for McCain

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By Bragg Van Antwerp

The events of today often make it easy to forget what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Today, we have been kept safe from another terrorist attack on American soil for more than seven years. Today, the situation in Iraq is more stable — both militarily and politically — than at any point since the war began. Today, Americans are intensely focused and concerned about what is in their wallets and their 401(k) plans. Today, voters are wondering if the value of their homes will return to previous levels and if their jobs are secure.

All of these facts of today obscure the harsh reality that we are living in a new and dangerous era — today and tomorrow.In this time in which our national security remains under constant threat, John McCain is the right candidate to assume the weighty responsibilities of the presidency.

His foreign policy knowledge and instincts are tested and proven. His support for the so-called “surge” strategy in Iraq, even when it was politically unpopular, is testament to that. His opposition to “spreading the wealth around” through redistributionist tax policies is correct. Cutting taxes for all Americans and lowering the taxes on corporations and small businesses alike will keep more money in Americans’ pockets and create more jobs — exactly the right tonic for our ailing economy.

A McCain presidency would represent a crucial check and balance against the ultra-liberal Pelosi House and Reid Senate, creating the scenario in which true bipartisan compromise can and must be achieved.

Lost in the midst of Barack Obama’s impressive domination of the “change” mantle is the fact that McCain represents change, too. He is not President Bush. In fact, he ran against Bush in 2000, and has been a frequent critic of Bush and his policies during the last eight years.

Drowned out by Obama’s empty promises to usher in a new kind of politics is the reality that it is McCain who has the long and distinguished record of putting political party aside in order to reach across the aisle for results. As impressive a politician as Obama is, he lacks the record, the experience and the judgment that John McCain possesses in spades.

With his long and dedicated service to our country, John McCain is the right choice on Election Day — not because he deserves the presidency, but because he is the president that the American people deserve — today and tomorrow.

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