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By Emily Ngo

The election season has passed as one of history’s longest and most memorable, but not without catchphrases and buzzwords voters wish they could forget. Here are amNewYork’s top 10:

10. “You betcha”

Paired with a wink, this Sarah Palin affirmation caught the nation’s attention — and proved she couldn’t annunciate.

9. “18 million cracks”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was historical for politicians — women or not, but the genius of her metaphor was tainted by overuse.

8. “Yes, we can.”

The rallying cry of the Obama campaign was warped by Clinton supporters (“yes, she will”) and crooned by celebrities on the Web. A slogan contest is in order.

7. “Drill, baby, drill”

The mantra behind the GOP energy solution was drilled a little too deeply into our memories.

6. “Hockey mom”

Palin’s portrayal as a down-to-earth family woman was negated by a $150,000 shopping spree.5. “Lipstick” on a pitbull or on a pig

Palin used it to prove she’s a fighter. Obama used it to make America roll its eyes.

4. “My friends”

John McCain’s favorite greeting was a favorite cue in drinking games.

3. “Maverick”

The tag united McCain and Palin, painting them as a team. But it was repeated so often that “Top Gun” became painful to watch.

2. “Wall Street” and “Main Street”

Why, oh why, couldn’t the candidates just say “the stockbrokers” and “the everyday Americans”? The abuse of parallelism at its finest.

1. “Joe the Plumber”

The insta-celeb’s spotlight has lasted more than the usual 15 minutes. His first name isn’t even “Joe” (it’s Samuel), he’s not a certified plumber and he isn’t struggling very hard financially if he can ditch work to stump for McCain. We can’t wait for his country album to bomb.

Runners up

“Drill, baby, drill”


“They cling to guns or religion.”

“3 a.m.”

“That One”

“Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

"Bill Ayers"

And a great Web site with all these and more in artistic representation.

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