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"Political twilight zone"

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By Emily

Political analysts and junkies alike know how the numbers look as Hillary and Barack duke it out today in Pennsylvania. A summary by Newsday's Glenn Thrush:


Obama: 1,450

Clinton: 1,251

Popular vote

Obama: 13,689,293

Clinton: 12,861,985

Cash on hand for the primary

Obama: $42 million

Clinton: $93. million


Obama: $663,000

Clinton: $10.3 million

Barack's looking pretty good. But what happens after today's primary depends on the margin by which Hillary will win (as polls show she should). The best quote I've read this morning is from CNN's Bill Schneider:

"If Clinton wins by single digits, we're in a political twilight zone. Nothing changes."

I predict this is will be the case. Cue creepy music as we make our way to the Indiana, North Carolina contests. June and Puerto Rico can't seem to arrive soon enough.

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