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Poll: The world wants Obama

(Credit: Politirazzi)

(Reader's Digest)

By Emily

Judging by the overwhelming showing for Barack Obama at his July speech in Berlin, world citizens would likely elect the Democrat if they could. (Some John McCain zealots have even played up negative aspects of Obama’s international fandom, publicizing that Hamas has endorsed him for president.)

Reader’s Digest put numbers behind the more positive side of global Obamania, polling 17 countries on their impressions of the United States. According to the magazine, widespread disapproval of the Bush administration has bolstered interest in Obama.

Interest may be an understatement. They love Obama over there. More than 90 percent of Dutch polled and 85 percent of Germans polled are behind him. “It’s Obama by a landslide — except in the country in which he’s actually running for president,” said John Fredricks, director of polling and research for Reader’s Digest.

Also of note: Australia and South Africa are among those countries paying the most attention to the U.S. election. Russia (yes, Russia) and India are among the least.

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