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Questions that should be asked tonight

By Jeff

The final debate is upon us. If you haven't made up your mind yet, I don't think tonight's debate will sway you one way or another. I expect a lot of “Obama is dangerous” and “McCain is George W. Bush” cross-talk loose on the facts and heavy on the gunpowder.

During the previous debates I've written a few questions for each candidate that I'd like to have answered. There are a few that I'd like answered tonight as well, all of the questions below are ones I’d pose to both. Like Lynne posted, there just isn’t much difference between the two candidates when it comes to domestic policy. They are both going to remain drug warriors. They are both against gay marriage. In order to pander manufacturing workers in the swing states, they speak about protecting “our jobs” from immigrants. Both of their tax policies plan on reducing tax revenues by at least $2T to the debt in the next decade, both project to increase the deficit (already at $455B) by between $364B (Obama) and $428B (McCain) in their first term.


* You have both touted your decisions to enter the public sector in lieu of private sector profit. Do you think choosing careers in government and getting paid by taxpayers is a choice which is inherently more moral than going into the private sector where you would create jobs and wealth?* You both have different opinions regarding which rights same-sex couples should be afforded in this country. However, you are both against supporting full “marriage” rights for gay Americans. It is difficult for many Americans to understand the intricacies of “gay marriage” vs. “civil unions” vs. “domestic partnerships” and the rights and responsibilities that go along with each. Therefore, could you please spell out which specific marriage rights heterosexual couples currently receive that you would exclude for gay couples who would like to commit for life?

* Recently, California citizens have voted to legalize medical marijuana. However, federal agents are raiding these stores. The owners, operating lawfully under state law, are being prosecuted under federal law. Will your administration continue the policy of subverting state’s will? What is your position on states’ rights vs. federal rights as defined in the 10th Amendment?

* Marijuana arrests account for nearly one-half of illicit drug arrests in America: 89 percent of which are only for possession (as opposed to selling or growing). First, how much money do you think the U.S. government would a) save in jailing and policing expenses and b) make in additional tax revenues if marijuana were legalized? Second, which do you feel is the most addictive and destructive to the body: alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana?

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