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Rehearsed, memorized, solid

Adrian: Calling a spade a spade is not going after someone. Asking someone what Supreme Court decisions they oppose and gettiing crickets in reply is not going after someone.

Dontre: Here is here memorized closing

Bragg: he'll have a memorized close as well

Dontre: let's see

more natural

not so rehearsed

Lynne: hello, it's a staged two-party debate - of course they have both memorized their closings.

Dontre: it just shouldn't LOOK so rehearsed.

Lynne: so you'll drink the coolaid as long as it looks like diet coke?

Bragg: he's got more practice.

Kimberly: Kim's final thoughts: Break through moment with Joe Biden hearing about his "champ" moment and seeing him show some emotion. Regarding Palin, she's a quick study but I still find her annoying. I can't wait to see this weekend's Saturday Night Live parody....

Dontre: I don't drink Kool-Aid

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