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Sarah Palin can thank Hollywood

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Comedian Russell Brand bashed Sarah Palin at the VMAs, but only served to further her case, Amara writes.

By Amara

Obamania has been taken over by more, albeit less-glowing endorsements of Republican VICE presidential nominee Sarah Palin. There are a number of examples of Palin-bashing on behalf of our Hollywood friends and these wingbats only further show how out of touch the Left is with any sense of sanity (not to mention manners) and how the Right will be able use it to win this election.

Who watched the VMAs? I did, and I sat with an ever-growing grin as the crazy man from across the pond begged America to put Obama in office. He called the president a “retarded cowboy” and any other disparaging name he could find inside his narrow brain. He slammed Sarah Palin and even dug into her daughter — her 17-year old daughter, the target age of MTV viewers. Russell Brand, who all but encouraged teenage promiscuity, is now inextricably linked to Obama and, on the basis of how flagrant his fouls were, helped Palin garner a sympathy vote from people who actually can cast a ballot in November.

Oprah Winfrey, obviously having a little identity crisis, decided she was not going to have Sarah Palin on her show. I can guarantee some Republicans — and curious Democrats — watch Oprah and would have like to hear from the first woman to appear on a national GOP ticket. But, alas, Oprah decided to sit out the election and not have any candidates on her show ... only that decision came after her very public endorsement of Barack Obama and her subsequent dip in ratings.

Then there is Matt Damon who likened Sarah Palin to a bad Disney movie. No, make that a REALLY bad Disney movie. Put one more check in the Hoity-toity-California-elitists-for-Obama. It makes Obama look oh so in touch with average Americans.

(continued) Alec Baldwin said “Palin is Bush.” Isn’t he also the guy who called his daughter a thoughtless pig? Brilliant ...

With all the attention on Palin, and Obama on the defensive, the questions have to be asked:

1.) Why is Obama, the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, not reminding his Lefty disciples that it is John McCain opposing him and not the extremely camera-friendly Sarah Palin?

2.) Why is the think-tank we call Hollywood so dead set on defeating its own cause?

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