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Sarah Palin: The Right (Wo)Man for the Job

By Bragg

Today John McCain has made a bold and excellent choice in selecting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

She is an extraordinary person, first and foremost. A star athlete, avid outdoorswoman, and a former beauty queen, to boot, Palin, 44, is also the mother of five children, the oldest of whom is headed to Iraq next month with the Army, and the youngest of whom was born with Down Syndrome.

As governor of Alaska, she has quickly earned a reputation as a tough, no-nonsense chief executive committed to reform, and one who is known in particular for her efforts in fighting corruption.

Her conservative bona fides — fiscal and social — are unassailable, which will thrill a Republican base still somewhat suspicious of John McCain. She adds youth and energy to the ticket which are needed, and despite her substantial political differences with Hillary Clinton, still has a chance to attract disenchanted Hillary supporters.

Democrats and the liberal media will question her experience. This, however, may not be an issue they focus on too much given that the man at the TOP of the Democratic ticket, Barack Obama, is really no more experienced than she.

(And by virtue of even having even one day of executive experience, she has more than Obama, Biden and McCain combined).

McCain needed a game-changer, and Obama's failure to make a bold choice for his vice presidential nominee (and his failure to choose Hillary or another female) left the door open for McCain's veep pick to be that game-changer.

The GOP is genuinely excited about McCain-Palin, and for many it marks perhaps the first sincere enthusiasm they've felt in many months.

This was the best choice McCain could have made.

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