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Say 'no' to Ahmadinejad, not Palin

By Amara

When did Hillary Clinton become such a hater? Wait, that’s not fair. She has been a hater of many things for many years — The Bad Men (which include her beloved husband), the president, the Democratic primary system, free-market health care and the list goes on.

But when did her hatred of the GOP become so strong that she would refuse to stand in solidarity with the defenders of freedom against the Holocaust-denying terrorist who hopes to take out Israel — America’s No. 1 ally in the world and our only democratic foothold in the Middle East JUST because of the woman on the Republican ticket? Maybe it isn’t hatred so much as fear of a strong woman who doesn’t need to put a man down to build herself up, but alas, who am I to put Hillary Clinton on the couch?

The last time I checked, the pro-Israel position was one where Democrats and Republicans agreed. Whether or not we all agree on HOW to support Israel, with the exception of a few Pat Buchannan and Jim McDermott’s (see, bi-partisan), most politicians agree that Israel has the right to exist and to defend herself. So why not stand next to Gov. Palin, Hillary, in defense of our tiny friend in the Middle East? Why not allow the world to see that we stand together as Americans — as supporters of freedom and truth — against this terrorist lunatic?

(continued) I am one of those rare breeds that finds fierce debate, and, in some sense, partisanship useful and necessary in order to guard free speech and to solve big problems the right way. Still, when it comes down to protecting Israel, I draw the line. There is no way to justify Sarah Palin driving another American political figure away from this rally making Palin’s presence more forceful of a deterrent then Ahmadinejad’s an impetus to be there.

Participants in this Sept. 22 rally include (besides the Republican vice presidential nominee): the United Jewish Communities, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Community Relations Council, thousands of Israel supporters and Elie Wiesel — probably the most famous survivors of the atrocities of which Ahmadinejad so publicly denies existed (though my grandfather is the most famous in MY eyes).

Sarah Palin is right when she says: “… the danger of a nuclear Iran is greater than party or politics.”

Keep in mind, most of the time I could not care less where Hillary Clinton is or what she is doing. But this time, it’s different and it’s personal.

My message to Hillary: If you have to hold your nose and close your eyes, be there. This is a cause, not a campaign.

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