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Showing off foreign policy expertise

Kimberly: boo ya, Biden!

Emily: Grrr! A madrassa IS a school!

Adrian: I am with several other law students and we some in this room (present writer excluded) are playing a drinking game. The rule is everytime John McCain or Barack Obama's names are mentioned, drink. People are getting pretty drunk.

Emily: What are you drinking? I want some.

Kimberly: what about when Joe calls Mcain just John?

Dontre: madrasa: a school or college, esp. a school attached to a mosque where young men study theology.

Lynne: Not 'sane or stable' - those are fighting words.

Bragg: she says "nuclear" like president bush

Dontre: there we go: naivete, dangerous

Joe, please clarify this!!

Kimberly: pot calling the kettle black

Dontre: excuse me? :)

Emily: They made Palin practice those foreign leaders names, like whoa.

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