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Slight of hand

(Credit: Politirazzi)

By LaShawnda

The most ridiculous sideshow has been the media’s concentration on the Rev. Wright. It’s interesting that during this whole primary season, the only “negative” the media Hillary and her peeps can poke at Obama about are his associates.

They haven’t found anything about him personally that’s been bad enough to create a national uproar over. Very little to criticize about Obama’s own words and actions. So, the media created a circus act out of Wright’s career and comments.

(continued) If the media is making a connection between the effect Wright's sermons will have on Obama’s ability to govern why are they so hesitant with correlating Bill’s treatment of Hillary as a spouse to her ability to govern?

The media has consciously measured Hillary on her own merits, separate from her husband (despite her assertions of her prominent role during his administration). Yet a husband has more influence on his wife than a pastor does with a church member. That’s just a thought.

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