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So who is Chet Edwards? President Bush knows

(Credit: Politirazzi)

Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, smiles during an interview in

West, Texas in this Sept. 2, 2006 AP file photo by Matt Slocum

The Associated Press is reporting and the Drudge Report is trumpeting, that with Sen. Barack Obama "hours away" from making public his vice presidential pick, little-known Texas congressman Chet Edwards has emerged as a surprise finalist.


Obama's VP may still be one of the 'predicted' candidates, like Sen. Joe Biden or Sen. Jack Reed or Governor Tim Kaine--but it's pretty shocking that in this day and age someone could make it all the way to the final round without it getting mentioned before now.

No matter your politics, something like that speaks to the efficiency and discipline of the Obama campaign staff.

So who is Chet Edwards?

Edwards has represented the area around Waco, Texas since 1991--a district that includes the Crawford ranch of President Bush.

He holds an MBA from Harvard and sits on the powerful House Budget and Appropriations committee, chairing Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction.

The political junkie website Politico summed him up as a "centrist Democrat whose background in military and veteran affairs could help balance out Obama's lack of foreign policy experience."

Edwards has been relatively quiet this summer, but emerged over the weekend for a blistering attack on John McCain's record on veterans.

If Obama picks him, it may be to serve this 'attack dog' function in what's widely been perceived as a velvet gloves campaign to this point.

He's not a total moonshot candidate--House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been touting him as a great choice, saying on the talk show circuit, "I just wanted people to be aware of the extraordinary credentials of Chet Edwards."

Apparently Obama's been listening.

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